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Top 10 lists compiled by YouTube end of the month analytics.


In 2018 Creative Continuity returns with a new host, Mr. Lobo. The highlights include Paul Freeman, comic legend Neal Adams and GWAR's Sleazy P. Martini. Round Table with the Stars returns with Bryce Papenbrook, Mystic Messenger cast and 80's wrestler Sgt. Slaughter. Cos-Tunes returned for a second season featuring AnimeNEXT in Atlantic City, Yearbook 2018 and for the first time Dragon*Con in Atlanta in two videos. The first video features the musical talents of Nerd Rocker Kirby Krakle - "Going Home". Mr. Lobo Does Seaon 1 continues, this time he does Procrastination, Valentine's Day and Comic Con (in Williamsport PA). Finally ConRewind adds a few more specials including the parades at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh and Dragon*Con in Atlanta.

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