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2017 launches some new series to the channel. First is the series raising up from the ashes of Bonus Content titled Cos-Tunes. Cos-Tunes goals were to maintain quality over quantity. If we couldn't attend more than one day at a show or if the cosplay turn out wasn't enough to produce a full video alone, Anthology was created that could house between 3-5 conventions. Also pulling from Bonus Content's finale, Cos-Tunes produced a yearbook at the end of the year that would look back through the year using alternate, unused takes in addition to re envisioning takes and a brand new take and definitive end. Cos-Tunes highlights include Katsucon from DC/Maryland's National Harbor, Baltimore Comic Con and Yearbook 2017. We also got to see what Cinema Insomnia's Mr. Lobo Does. A comedy series that utilized loose scripting and pure ad-lib in front and behind the camera. Mr. Lobo Did the Solar Eclipse, Monster Bash and Halloween. ConRewind produced some episodes in the absence of Creative Continuity.

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