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In 2015 Creative Continuity host Harold Gant presented interviews from C2E2, Wizard World Philadelphia, Retro Con and the Great Philadelphia Comic Con with stellar interviews with Doug Walker (aka Nostalgia Critic), James Rolfe (aka Angry Video Game Nerd) and the Power Rangers (Barbara Goodson, Karan Ashley, Kerrigan Mahan, Walter E. Jones, David J. Fielding and Austin St. John.) Creative Continuity also launches a sub-section called Round Table with the Stars. Those episodes featured Lin Shaye, Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham and Romi Park. The short lived "green label" specials premiered this year only. Bonus Content show epic cosplay from Northeast Comic Con in Boston, Otakon when it was still in Baltimore and C2E2 in Chicago. This year saw migration of season 1 of Creative Continuity as well as the early Bonus Content episodes.

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