Cosplay Jukebox Master Cut

A super long cut of Creative Continuity's Bonus Content. It ran from 2013 to 2016. This is for those who like an extra long run of music videos and cosplay through the years.


Featuring RetroCon, Wildcat Comic Con, New York Comic Con, the Great Allentown Comic Con, Awesome Con, Wizard World Atlanta, Wizard World Philadelphia, Otakon, Baltimore Comic-con, Wizard World Richmond, Wizard World Columbus, Katsucon, Wizard World Raleigh, Great Philadelphia Comic Con, East Coast Comic Con, C2E2, Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, Special Edition NYC, Northeast Comic Con, Waku Waku, Anime USA, Galactic Con, Zenkaikon, BotCon, Amazicon, Anime Fan Fest, Harrisburg ComicCon, Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, Garden State Comic Fest, Terrificon and the Series Finale that looks back over the 4 years of Bonus Content.


With select music from Purple Planet Music, Doctor Vox.Doctor Vox, 331 Erock/Eric Calderone, Ken Shimura


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