Warren Simons, Zack Hoffman & Squarepainter

Episode 17, Season 2, of "Creative Continuity" gets you up to speed with "Valiant Next", directly from the Editor-In-Chief - Warren Simons. What's on deck with Bloodshot? Will Ninjak ever make a comeback? Find out here. Recorded at New York Comic Con.


What evil deeds has Zartan been up to? Can't say much for a fictitious character, but we can hear from Zack Hoffman (zackhoffman.com) who provided his voice during the '80's. The foe of the Joes to Tuxedo Man, Zack aims to please. Recoded at Retro Con.


Some quick final words with the Squarepainter and the process of his art set to Teknoaxe's (teknoaxe.com) 8-bit beat, "Hero's Day Off". Also recoded at Retro Con.


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