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Bestow TV renders award-winning creations in a range of video media offerings. Bestow’s original offering, Creative Continuity, is a comic book/pop-culture interview show that opened the door to many more shows on the channel. Cos-Tunes embraces a cinematic approach in the presentation of amazing cosplays in montage form. Additional works include: Rewind, Mr. Lobo Does, Troma Tour 5000, Creative Continuity's Bonus Content, Specials and so more!  Bestow TV records many of its programming from events, such as Wizard World Conventions, New York Comic Con, C2E2, Baltimore Comic Con, Katsucon, Otakon, Awesome Con, and Retro Con. Better TV. Best TV. Bestow TV.



Cos-Tunes Anthology 2017 volume 2 showcases Williamsport Comic Con, Sci-Fi Valley Con, AnimeNEXT, Garden State Megafest and Nova Con. A blended collection of cosplay collected from the middle of 2017. Join us in the epic presentation of cosplay from Anime, Manga, Video Games, Comic Books and much, much more from some of the most talented people.

Anthology Vol. 2

Otakon 2017 is presented in the only way Cos-Tunes knows how; in a beautiful music montage. Cos-Tunes brings a whole new set of cosplay and cosplayers with a new cinematic look at the community and the show that brought them together for the weekend. Join us in the presentation of cosplay from Anime, Manga, Video Games, Comic Books and much, much more from some of the most talented people.


Robert Franzese

Cosplayer Robert Franzese or how he is known best, globally, The Real Life Peter Griffin, goes through a short list of voices as well as growing up geek. Recorded at New York Comic Con.


Byte Sized Creative Continuity re-issue from 2015.

Otakon 2017


Wizard World Philadelphia Rewind

Trina Nishimura

James Rolfe

Garden State Comic

 Fest Rewind

Garden State

Comic Fest 2017

Michael Bell



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