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Bestow TV renders award-winning creations in a range of video media offerings. Bestow’s original offering, Creative Continuity, is a comic book/pop-culture interview show that opened the door to many more shows on the channel. Cos-Tunes embraces a cinematic approach in the presentation of amazing cosplays in montage form. Additional works include: ConRewind, Mr. Lobo Does, Troma Tour 5000, Creative Continuity's Bonus Content, Specials and so more!  Bestow TV records many of its programming from events, such as Dragon*Con, Wizard World Conventions, Reed Pop shows  (New York Comic Con, C2E2 and more), Baltimore Comic Con, Katsucon, Otakon, Awesome Con, and Retro Con. Better TV. Best TV. Bestow TV.



Steve Cardenas

IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!! Tyrannosaurus! Steve Cardenas, known in the role as Rocky DeSantos or the Red Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or the Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo. Recorded at Great Philadelphia Comic Con.

Nakia Burrise

IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!! Nakia Burrise, known in the role as Tanya Sloan or the Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo - comes to Creative Continuity. Recorded at Great Philadelphia Comic Con.

Anthology 2018 Vol. 2

Anthology 2018 Vol 2. In this episode we showcase Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, Keystone Comic Con and Retro Con.

This blended collection of costumes gathered from various parts of summer and fall conventions of 2018. Join us in the epic presentation of cosplay from Anime, Manga, Video Games, Comic Books and much more from some of the most talented people, otaku and comic fans alike.


Join the SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS as the host MR. LOBO of CINEMA INSOMNIA and BESTOW TV producer PAUL SANDERS talk shop, talk pop culture, movies, get weird and try not to get too lost.


Sleepless Knights pODDcast


So you want to know more about Bestow TV?

Bestow TV was started and founded by Paul Sanders, as Bestow Productions in 2004, serving the Central Pennsylvania area their supply of local television commercials.


An avid goer to comic conventions, his plan was to someday cross over both passions. In 2013 that became a reality with the series called Creative Continuity. The first season was hosted by journalism major Tommy Zimmer and first episodes shot at C2E2 in Chicago, Illinois. Also in that year a second show was added called Creative Continuity's Bonus Content (or Bonus Content for short). The "original" design for the show was to capture the convention feel at shows that Tommy was unable to attend. However, the show morphed into a cosplay highlight montage in later episodes.

Photo credit: David Deventer

Baltimore Comic Con 2014

Vic's Transmissions: Eddie Satisfied circa 2006

Produced by Bestow Productions

The original homes to the two shows were mainly located at (the now defunct) as well as the original Bestow Productions YouTube channel.


Season 2 of Creative Continuity saw 3 show hosts; Yana Aronova, Mark Aronov and Harold Gant. While Bonus Content double upped episodes from 6 to 9 episodes as well as finding it's first People's Telly Award at New York Comic Con.


In 2015 Bestow TV was created to separate the commercial works of Bestow Productions from the independent web series work. Creative Continuity moved forward with a single host format with Harold Gant, before taking a hiatus. On the Bonus Content home front, increasing the episodes for the year by 7, while earning another People's Telly for New York Comic con as well as Retro Con. The entire 2015 Bonus Content got recognized by the Telly counsel.


With Creative Continuity on hiatus for the year, a relaunch of Byte Sized Creative Continuity takes its place. They're re-edits of season 2 and 3 limiting the episode to one set of interviews instead of a pair - a format that'll carry over to season 4 of the main show.


Photos credit: John Beatty

Harrisburg Comiccon 2017

2016 is also the final year for Bonus Content, since the formula strayed away from it's original design. Its final year was a blow out, with a massive 24 episode list ending with a series finale looking back across the 4 year/53 convention span.


2017 saw many new projects added to the channel. Cos-Tunes is a cosplay montage series focused on the look and feel of movie trailers. ConRewind is a quick, usuailly single subject, overview. Finally Mr. Lobo Does is a comedy series focusing on Cinema Insomnia's Mr. Lobo and his outsiders view on the world.


With the new series Mr. Lobo has picked up hosting duties for a 4th season of Creative Continuity as well as a possible spin off called "Tour 5,000" - starting with Troma studios. He and Paul host a weekly podcast called Sleepless Knights of Insomnia.


AWARDS & Honors

Bestow Productions and Bestow TV participate, to date, in several international award competitions and film festivals bringing in over 20 placements.


   2018 - 1st place - Sunbury, PA art show - Photo titled "Crime Syndicate".


   2017 - Semi-Finalist - Los Angeles CineFest - "Bonus Content Finale"

   2017 - Honorable mention in editing - International Film Awards - "Bonus Content NYCC 16"

   2017 - Bronze Award - The People's Telly Awards - "Bonus Content NYCC 16"

   2017 - Bronze Award - The People's Telly Awards - "Bonus Content Baltimore Comic Con 15"


   2016 - Sliver Award (Top Honor) - The People's Telly Awards - "Bonus Content RetroCon 15"

   2016 - Bronze Award - The People's Telly Awards - "Bonus Content NYCC 15"

   2016 - Bronze Award - The Telly Awards - "Bonus Content 2015 series"

               (pieces representing the season: C2E2, Otakon, RetroCon, Baltimore Comic Con

                and Wizard World Philadelphia)


   2015 - Sliver Award (Top Honor) - The People's Telly Awards - "Bonus Content NYCC 14"


   2012 - Bronze Award - The Telly Awards - "Kinetic Typography 2010"

   2012 - Silver Award of Distinction - Communicator Awards - "Kinetic Typography 2010"


   2011 - Bronze Award - The People's Telly Awards - "Kinetic Typography 2010"

   2011 - Gold Award - The Pixie Awards - "Kinetic Typography 2010"

   2011 - Gold Award - EMPixx Awards - "Kinetic Typography 2010"

   2011 - Platinum Award (Top Honor) - EMPixx Awards - "Touch Trailer"

               (joint production with Arch Nemesis Entertainment)


   2010 - Gold Award - EMPixx Awards - "From the Ground Up"

   2010 - Bronze Award - The Telly Awards - "From the Ground Up"

   2010 - Sliver Award (Top Honor) - The People's Telly Awards - "From the Ground Up"


   2009 - Silver Award of Distinction - Communicator Awards - "From the Ground Up"


   2005 - Certificate of Excellence - NEPA Addy Awards - "Get Noticed"


   2002 - Most Innovative Producer in the Northeast District - Cox Communications




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